3 Major Ways You Can Ruin Your Relationship

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There are always premises for the relationships to give crack. Things like breakups never occur all of a sudden, the process of splitting apart is usually slow and unnoticed at the earlier stages. Yet, as the time flows, the signs get more and more noticeable. Thus, in the end, you realize you are no longer the same people who met on the maturedatingonline or some other dating resource a year or two ago. And you ask yourself, is that a finish line already? No, it’s not, but only if you don’t make the same mistakes the majority of couples make.

  • Reacting instead of responding

This is one of the most common things encountered in 80-90% of all relationships. The primary instinct is to always burst with anger at every annoying remark or comment. But ask yourself what’s the point of doing so? You’ll just make a crack grow wider. … Read More