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How to Be Chosen over the Competition for a Juried Art Show

When it comes to art competitions, expect a fierce one. Juried art shows are an attraction to artists, and most artists want to be a part of this but the spots have to be contended for and only a limited number of artists are chosen for this. Having a spot in a juried art show is a dream of many artists. The decision on who makes it or does not make it on these juried art shows are made by a group of artists themselves. The group making up the jury does not see you and they also will not know you. There is nothing that the jury will know about your except your work and your application. You art works serve as the auditions for these art shows. There are many talented artists who get rejected in these art shows because they don’t pay attention to details. So instead of accepting you because your great talent is shown in your piece of work, they will instead say no because you simply did not comply with the requirements. If you want to gain advantage over the others, here are some useful tips to get you started.

It is only for the shows that fit your art that you should apply for. Do not try to enter any of the shows that you are not really excited about. If the art show is something that you are really passionate about then you should submit work related to that show.

So if you are an abstract painter, you don’t apply for a show on portrait making. And doing this will just increase your chances of getting rejected because the jury can see that the work you have submitted was done with difficulty.

Get yourself a professional photographer is another tip that you can use. Many artists try to shoot slides and digital images themselves for these juried shows. And making these slides and images have never been easy with digital photography. But this can also backfire.

You may be an inexperienced photographer and because of this you might not be able to put your camera in the right position, perhaps, too far away from the piece of art. Your photograph might contain other images aside from the piece of art alone by putting the camera at a wrong distance. This mistake will not happen with a professional photographer because this mistake is only done by serious amateurs.

You should also follow what the application says to its last detail. In addition to your image of slides, send whatever things are asked for in your application.

You should complete your application and submit the required number of artworks.

Submit no more or no less than the number required for art work pieces.

You can put yourself ahead of the game by following these tips.