The Beginner’s Guide to Garages


How to Replace Garage Doors

If you belong to the do it yourself class you will want to replace a general garage door by yourself. It is not an easy job to replace garage doors but individuals who believe they can find it easy to replace it if they have knowledge of the various tools used. Among the tools used to repair general garage doors include the hammer, level, locking pillars, and screwdrivers.

There are so many general garage doors but the method of installation is slightly different. Although they are installed differently the installation procedure of garage doors is almost the same. The first step to follow while installing a garage door is to remove the old garage door. For you to remove the door you will have to bring down the door first then release the spring tension and later detach the opener. When you are removing and detaching the door it will become very heavy. It is very important at this point to follow the instructions in the manual to avoid hurting yourself. You should be cautious because springs can be very dangerous and whey they are removed from the door it becomes extremely heavy.

Once you have successfully uninstalled the door, you can unscrew all the sections of the door and have they removed one by one. Always be careful to avoid hurting yourself and it is important to know that all the hardware’s of the old garage door should be removed before installing the new garage door. You should not install the new garage door using the used tracks. For those who have never installed garage doors and they have never seen anybody install them they should watch an educative video to assist them. Watching the video should not be enough because are required to follow the manual provided in the garage door. Before starting the installation process go through the manual again and again and understand it. You should understand the manual for you to know what you have to do. You will keep redoing the installation if you install using guess work.

It is important to install electric openers and eye sensors because they are necessary and it is illegal not to have them if you have kids and pets. If you purchase a cheap garage door it will develop issues that will turn out to be major issues. It is good to spend some money and buy an expensive garage door than a cheap one you will keep replacing. You can take a whole day installing a garage door and it will take a professional just three hours to complete the work. At the end of the day you will be proud you installed it by yourself.

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