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A Basic Knowledge of French Bulldogs England is actually the place where the French bulldogs originated. What you need to know about them is that in England they are known as the miniature bulldogs. In the year 1860s the breeders of French dog brought their dogs to the Great Britain and crossed with the French terriers. The history of the name French bulldog came into existence for the reason that France eventually became fond of them. When the dog was brought back to Britain there was a confusion regarding the name because the dog symbolized the culture of the English. There are similarities between the French bulldogs and the English bulldogs except that they are smaller. These French bulldogs have ears that are considered as bat ears, long and erect. As a matter of fact, the ears of the French bulldogs are similar to that of the Pugs and they also have a powerful muzzle. The English bulldogs have a big head but the head of the French bulldogs are not as big as theirs and they are also in a square shape. The foreheads of the French bulldogs are round. There are also varieties in terms of the colors of the French bulldogs such as white, brindle and fawn. There are also instances wherein it is a combination of the three. Dark and big is most of the time how their eyes look like. The French bulldogs are great companions which is one of the many reasons as to why they are a popular choice. The French bulldogs are not only playful but they are actually sweet as well. This means that their personalities are very funny and they are also fond of goofing off. You can really consider the French bulldogs as your pets for the reason that they can get well together with other dogs. Being able to create a strong bond with one person is what these French bulldogs are capable of.
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It is actually possible to be able to train this kind of dog with other dogs and this is what French bulldogs breeders will tell you. Jerking or hitting is as a matter of fact what these dogs are not able to tolerate and the French bulldog breeders will also inform this to you. The French bulldogs are able to respond well to the training of the French bulldog breeders. You can also expect a positive response from these kinds of dogs when you give them verbal praise. You will also be reminded by the French bulldogs breeders to be careful when you make use of the treats. Gaining weight easily is what these dogs are able to do which is why you need to be careful.A Brief History of Animals