The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Wigs

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Wearing wigs is not a big deal anymore. It has been wrong to associate wigs with baldness and diseases leading to hair fall for a long time, but now since many years’ celebrities, youngsters and women; everyone has been wearing wigs.  Not just to hide the baldness but it is a part of the fashion now. The usage of wigs is the best way to follow the evolving trends and to enhance your look at crazy hair days, carnivals, Halloween parties and fashion shows.  When we talk about women it is okay to wear a wig but what about men? Why should men lag behind? Hence it is great to wear wigs for men too. However, there are a few dos and don’ts that must be kept in mind before you buy one!

So let’s start off with the Do’s of wearing wigs:

Do search for the most appropriate wig

To look ‘good’ in a wig, you need to invest a great deal of time and effort to buy the most appropriate one. First of all, you need to make sure that your hairline looks natural. Because it is of little attraction if the wig itself reveals ‘I am a wig’! It is supposed to look natural, and you have to ensure that the texture and the color match with your natural hair too. Moreover, the wig you choose should suit your face structure and compliment the overall appearance; in case it does not you can also get it styled by your hair stylist.

Do protect your natural hair

Wearing a wig does not mean you cease to take care of your natural hair because no one sees them. It’s ‘your’ hair after all! Therefore you must wear mesh caps to protect them and wash them regularly to keep them healthy.

Do carry out regular maintenance of your wig

Now that you have bought a wig, you need to take good care of it so that it looks healthy and lasts longer. Surely it’s something difficult to be done by men, but obviously, smartness comes with effort!

Now let’s have a look at the things you must refrain from:

Don’t use products on your wig

You need to be extremely cautious that you don’t use chemical products, hair dyes, straighteners or dryers; for that matter any hair care product on your wig because they are not formulated to suit synthetic hair, therefore, you might end up damaging your wig; making it useless.

Don’t be careless

This is of immense importance, especially concerning your health. No doubt fashion is a necessity but not at the cost of your health! So be careful that the wig is not too tight to cause headaches. Also be careful that you don’t wear it too often that it starts damaging your natural hair and scalp due to sweat and little exposure to fresh air.

Don’t be ashamed of wearing a wig

Lastly, you should be confident while wearing a wig as people need to see wigs are not for baldness only, this is what the new trend is, not just for women but men too.

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