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Introducing a Progressive Taxation System

There is an agreement between many politicians that tax reform is required. Most American companies are losing their competitive edge due to the current taxation system. This has made it hard for American companies to compete with those of other countries. Indeed, most of the problems that the American economy suffers from can be resolved by introducing tax reforms. To prevent problems from arising, the taxes have to be raised in a progressive manner.

By reducing taxes, small businesses in the country will be given another lease of life. To encourage public investment in the country, the taxes charged have to be reduced. There are a few people who took public investment with the seriousness it deserves before. To attain money for developing infrastructure, American companies have to be granted the space to grow. When companies become bigger in size, they are likely to pay higher taxes. When such companies pay more taxes, money will be obtained to invest in basic research. The essence of raising more revenues is to reduce the deficits which the country is currently facing. For the country to be on a stable path, more revenues should be raised.

The current regime should endeavor to change the taxation system with a view to reducing the current inequality. In the view of expert, inequality in the country has reached epidemic levels. There is not other period in history when we have had to pay more taxes that the ones paid currently. When people are forced to pay a lot of taxes, savings will be discouraged in the country. A number of people do not like investing when the taxes imposed are too high.
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Some people refuse to report for work when the taxes imposed are too high. Moreover, the current taxation system has discouraged member of the public from taking risks. When the taxation system is changed, more people will be willing to take risks. Without taking risks, the growth of a company is not guaranteed. Various quotas are attempting to change the taxation system. For instance, section 1031 has become very popular in the country. To swap businesses today, a person has to invoke section 1031.
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When swapping the business, a person will be subjected to limited taxes. To avoid paying taxes when swapping assets, a person should invoke section 1031. To avoid punitive taxes when changing the form of investment, it is advisable to invoke the section. This will enable the business to flourish within a short period of time. Some taxation provisions makes it extremely hard for businesses to grow today. Many people was usually confused about the provisions of section 1031. For those intending to invoke section 1031, it is prudent to involve an expert.